2015 CMC Masterclass – University of Copenhagen

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CMC Masterclass 2015

The 1st of October 2015 the first CMC Masterclass was held at UCPH. 19 enthusiastic PhDs and postdocs from SUND and SCIENCE participated in a full-day workshop within the topic of Research Quality in Microbiology.

It was an interesting and successful day with inspiring speaker presentations by Professor Peter Sandøe, Professor Leo Eberl, and Professor Michael Givskov followed by lively group discussions and excellent presentations by groups on the following topics:

A.       What is creativity in Science – are you creative?

B.      How to know what is new in Science – and what is new to yourself only?

C.      How to get the best ideas in Science – is there a methodology?

D.      What is most important in Science: develop methods, unravel pathways     and mechanisms, develop conceptual models, etc.?

E.      Is hypothesis-driven approach always of preference in Science?